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Seek the wildflowers: Interactive map & online resources

March 6, 2014


Texas' most iconic wildflower, the bluebonnet has a short, but stunning peak blooming season along roadsides across the state.

Texas’ most iconic wildflower, the bluebonnet has a short, but stunning peak blooming season along roadsides across the state. Photograph by Valerie Asensio.

The search for the Holy Grail

One of the highlights of springtime in Texas is riding along back roads that are awash with brilliant colors from nature’s paintbrush, Texas wildflowers.  But fabulous wildflowers shows don’t happen ever year,  it depends on the preceding winter’s, and the spring’s, rainfall. And they don’t happen everywhere, but when you hit the right road, on the right day, in the right spring, it can be an epiphany–like riding to the Emerald City in Oz.


Bluebonnets line the roads inside Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose. Photograph by Valerie Asensio.


There are wildflower roads across the entire state, and to help to fund those roads and maximize the chances of having a spectacular wildflower ride, we’d like to direct you to a few wildflower resources.


Texas Wildflower Roads Resources


(1) TxDOT’s Interactive wildflower map

As you may have noticed, our friends at TxDOT are adding online tools and widgets to help motorists avoid traffic, know where traffic cameras are tucked away, etcetera. Well, now they have launched a nifty interactive widget that indicates where wildflowers are blooming. Good stuff.  Possibly the coolest thing, ever.  TxDOT’s interactive wildflower map helps you find what’s blooming where, now.

TxDOT's interactive wildflower locator.

TxDOT’s interactive wildflower locator.



(2) An excellent selection of East Texas wildflower road trips

Henderson Wildflower Loops

Downtown Henderson, Texas.

Downtown Henderson, Texas. Photo by Valerie Asensio.


(3) Lady Bird Johnson started the whole thing

General Wildflower Information from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center


(4) Texas State Parks & Wildlife Department holds wildflower-related events

Texas State Parks Events & Resources


(5) Wildflower sightings crowd-sourced page

 Flora & Fauna updates on wildflower sightings along particular roads



A caution about spring weather

Texas Panhandle sky along US 87 provides a visual warning that things are about to get interesting. Photograph by Valerie Asensio.

Texas Panhandle sky along US 87 provides a visual warning that things are about to get interesting. Photograph by Valerie Asensio.


Spring is the most volatile weather season in Texas–a beautiful day can turn into a hailstorm quicker than you can say “Yikes, what’s that?”  It’s important to keep abreast of weather forecasts

On the road, nothing beats a NOAA weather radio.  Just ask at your local sporting or hunting store, they’ll be able to help you out. Use your best judgment,  and survive to ride another day.


RT’s Wildflower Roads of Texas ride guide

Probably your best riding resource for wildflower rides. Carry it with you–maps and resources at your fingertips.

Wildflower Roads of Texas edition

Wildflower Roads of Texas edition


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