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Going The Distance

On long-distance road trips, it’s not how well you ride- it’s how well you prepare. Story and photos by Tom Wiley AH, THE ROAD TRIP- THE PINNACLE OF MOTORCYCLING! The self-satisfaction of planning and executing a road trip cannot be matched. You’d think that after 40-plus years of riding I’d be ready for anything. But that was before my good friend Tim Mallard and I were sitting around a fire pit in Colorado, and he was reminiscing about…

The Sandell Drive-In, Clarendon, TX.

The Last Picture Show: The Remarkable Revival of an Iconic Industry

Story and photos by Jim Cockrell I’m heading home to the Dallas-Fort Worth area from a motorcycle trip that took me out to West Texas. About three miles east of Eastland, on the south side of the interstate, I glimpse the skeletal remains of a drive-in theater in the midst of overgrown pasture. The old structure seems to be calling to me, and I can’t resist exiting the interstate and backtracking to where the Mystery Drive-in used to…

Protesters stand on a corner as bikers arrive for the “All for 1” rally at the McLennan County courthouse in Waco.

Waco Watch: Biker Rally Supports Those Still Jailed

  Several hundred motorcyclists gathered in downtown Waco at the McLennan County Courthouse nine days ago — on Sunday, June 7 — to protest what they say is unfair treatment by law enforcement following the May 17 shootout involving members of rival motorcycle clubs and police that resulted in nine dead and 18 injured. Organizers said the rally was intended to be a silent, peaceful protest against the round up and mass arrest of 177…

Sixth Street lineup_Photo by Shutterstock

25 Things To Do in ATX This Weekend (When You Aren’t On Your Bike!)

As thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts get ready to rumble into Austin this weekend for the infamous ROT Biker Rally, the Capital City is gearing up for a weekend full of biker games, shows, expos, concerts and so much more. Aside from the ROT Rally festivities, bikers will also get a taste of the city’s unique culture that fosters the “Keep Austin Weird” mantra. Here are 25 (other) things to do during your stay this weekend!…

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